Perfect is the light that filters through the green stalks of the vineyard in the last summer sunsets. Laborious hands reach out and delicately hold the fruit that generously falls under the watchful eye…


A 100% Tempranillo wine from vineyards over 20 years old. Made with whole grapes using the traditional method of carbonic maceration, in which the bunches are introduced whole (without destemming) into the stainless steel tank for fermentation. Maturation takes place in the bottle. Should a carbonic maceration wine be just an easy wine? Or could we be able to make a great wine? We wanted to make a wine in the same way our grandparents did but keeping our personal character. With 1984 vineyards located at 540 meters above sea level.


Patient observation makes it possible to choose the best products. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture, a slowly changing color and there it is, the perfect cluster swaying in the wind, waiting to be discovered…


A 100% Tempranillo wine. Made with destemmed grapes in stainless steel tanks, from vineyards less than 20 years old. It has spent 12 months in mixed American and French oak barrels. We take care and age each vintage to obtain the best wines from them.