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Black roses only grow in small quantities in the small village of Halfeti, in southern Turkey. The unique soil conditions and the pH levels of groundwater in the area – which seep from the Euphrates River – allow the crimson red colour of the rose to turn into black.

But there is an extremely rare fact that makes the Halfeti rose even more valuable, it only turns black in the summer months.

CUIRASS ROSE. Strawberry Tequila Cream

Our strawberry Tequila Cream, is inspired by that subtle blend, the strength of a shell (Cuirass) represented by Tequila and the sweetness of the strawberry … creating a harmonious and unique set.


Serve very cold

Shake bottle before serving

It should not be combined with carbonated or citrus drinks

70cl · 17% Vol.

Type of product: Liquor

Information about allergens:

Contains milk and its derivatives                                                                                            Store at room temperature in a clean and dry place                                                      Protect from sunligh                                                                                                            The product has a shelf life of 24 months from its manufacture                                      Once opened keep in refrigeration and consume before 3 months

CUIRASS CHOCOLATE. Cream with Tequila and Chocolate
Our Tequila cream with chocolate is inspired by a millenary blend, the fortress of a Cuirass represented by Tequila and the exoticism of Chocolate… an originary set from precolombine’s america, reiterpratated in this cream.