There are many ways to tell a story. In the case of Fabbri’s history the focus is on people and their experiences, a story where they have contributed, for more than a century, to the international success of the company and its enhancement in Italy. It all started when Gennaro Fabbri gave the first blue and white vase to his wife Rachel, as a sign of his love for having devised a recipe made with cherries. The founder of the company in Bologna did not know that with that sweet gesture he was giving the world the joy of tasting a unique and distinctive flavour for many generations.

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With higher concentration of fruit pulp than any other brand of syrup you can currently find on the market. Having a percentage of fruit of 60%, perfect for fruit cocktails, cocktails with coffee, granita, cocktails without alcohol and gin and tonics. Fabbri is the only brand of syrups on the market with Gluten Free certification, all additives and colorants are natural. Due to the high concentration of fruit a lower amount of the product is required making it able to get a higher profitability per bottle. 1L bottle

Flavours: Hazelnut, Chai, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginseng, Tangerine, Mango,

Melon, Mojito, Walnut, Ginger, Papaya, Rose, Watermelon, Elder …


The Mixyfruit range consists on fruit purees with a high concentration of pulp, with especially designed bottles for bartenders. Fabbri Mixyfruit has a high percentage of fruit pulp content, guaranteeing an excellent result for the substitution of natural fruit in many cocktails. Perfect for fruit mojitos, granita with and without alcohol. Thanks to its high concentration of fruit we will use max 20ml to make a cocktail, which allows us to make around 50 cocktails per bottle. Bottle 1.3 kg. Flavours: Coconut, Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple, Peach, Passion, Banana, …


Range of gourmet sauces that offer a wide variety of flavours for the preparation of cocktails with or without alcohol. 950ml bottle

Flavours: Cotton, Choco-white, chocolate, raspberry and mango

Gold Range: Gold Hazelnut, gold pistachio., …


Red cherries carefully selected and preserved in syrup with a light Marraschino flavour. Carefully de boned, they are perfect for decorating cocktails and long drinks. 470g jar


Unique and matchless, it comes from a careful selection of the Amarena cherries. Unscarred fruit candied in syrup according to a manufacturing process that follows the original recipe transmitted from generation to generation. Jar 600g.


The award-winning liquors distillery G. Fabbri which was born in 1905 would offer until the 70s, a wide selection of successful liquors among which was Amarena Fabbri. Now the company recreates the unmistakable combination of liquor and Amarena Fabbri in a current and contemporary way. Marendry is born from the mixture of an antique liquor, with a delicious flavour and a classic colour, the unique Amarena Fabbri.

 Just with its name, Marendry reveals its organoleptic characteristics, being presented in an ideal format that maintains the historical identity, a simple and essential bottle, aligned with the new demands of bartending.

 Marendry is an Italian bitter with an original and unmistakable flavour. Ideal to add new notes to classic cocktails and new creations of the best bartender. Its intense and enveloping aroma combines perfectly with the typical pungent of bitter. It only contains aromas and natural colours Moderate alcohol content (21% vol.) Made in Italy (Bologna, Italy).


Visual stage: A pleasant and intense cerasuolo pink colour, slightly opalescent and with a characteristic smell. The fresh and enveloping notes of AMARENA intensify and make the intense and persistent bitter taste unique.

Gustatory stage: A measured and resounding sweetness which organoleptic tones are harmonized with the delicate fragrances of the Mediterranean aromas and ancient Italian Moran orange trees that make up the “aromatic palette”.