Amaretto Giulietta is the authentic Italian liquor made with bitter almonds and sweet apricot kernels. Legend has it that in 1525, the painter Bernardino Luini, disciple of Leonardo da Vinci, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna in Saronno.

To help himself, Bernardino Luini had the help of the daughter of the owner of an inn that served as a model. Over the months, the young woman fell in love with the painter, as a sign of her love and gratitude towards him, she prepared a drink with natural products that she had in her garden. It was the origin of Amaretto, an unmistakable liquor that Bernardino himself took responsibility to make known throughout Italy. At least, that tells the legend, having a nostalgic reminiscence in Amaretto Giulietta.

Handed down from generation to generation, this recipe has remained unchanged, making the Amaretto Giulietta a liqueur with a mild, sweet, aromatic flavour and ideal for a pleasant after-dinner or as part of an original cocktail. This characteristic flavour turns Amaretto Giulietta into the ideal liquor to drink alone or with ice in the dessert, since it is a delicious digestive. However, its versatility knows no limits.

In fact, it has not only become the indispensable ingredient in many pastry recipes such as tiramisu but has even come to give name to the well-known “Amaretto Sour”, the unmistakable blend of Amaretto with lemon juice, sugar and lots of crushed ice