There is a region on the planet Mars that has aroused the curiosity of those who observe it. Cydonia is a very special region of the red planet, which stands out for the brightness of its surface and its rugged relief, a number of craters and rocks shoot the imagination towards mysterious formations and wonderful possibilities. Our Godello, Cydonia Labyrinth also awakens the senses when tasting it, it unfolds gently its mysteries and conquers yourself with its magic. It is impossible to escape from its fresh atmosphere and bright flavor when tasting it, both sensations are full of nuances and transport us to other worlds immediately.


It is a lemon yellow wine, with greenish, bright and transparent reflections, making presence on the nose with high intensity, the varietal character of the Godello Monterrey grape is deeply pronounced, with predominating shades of white fruit. Nuances of white flowers can also be appreciated giving it a fine elegance and a mineral end. A well-balanced, soft and pretty fabulous and structured freshness is perceived when tasting it. It is a sweet, aromatic and fatty toothed wine with a complex end and long lasting inside the mouth.