Mataveras was a peasant He learned from the land, he fed from time and people say he was always old. He did not use to look up from the ground, because in the clouds of the vineyards he was able to read the cold and the sun, the water and the taste of his grapes.

Sitting by the side of the road, he observed the traces of days and people. And when someone had questions, he gave answers in few words, always assertive answers.

So, he almost silently became a legend. Since then, when someone with a sincere heart looks for advice about wine or about life, Mataveras appears next to him, munching on what they mostly need to hear.

This is the legend of Mataveras, a character who embodies the essence of this wine. With a deep and down-to-earth character.


For the making of this Crianza, the wine is fermented with its own skins for 15 days at 28ºC, with a 4-day previous maceration at cold temperature. Once the tubing is done, the malolactic fermentation takes place for 1 month in American and French barrels. The aging process is carried out in American and French oak for a minimum of 18 months.


It has a very vivid, intense and highly covered red cherry color, as well as defined by the vintage.

On the nose, we perceive a very intense aromatic entry, with caramel notes, toffee, toast and a great memory of dark chocolate. It presents very strong balsamic tones, but with a well-built wine base, achieved by overripe fruits.

In the mouth, we taste a powerful wine, with personality, structured and balanced without edges. With a long aftertaste, leaving memories of persistent roasted tones.

Esta añada de Ribera del Duero 2022 ha sido calificada de muy buena. Elaborado con uva de variedad 00% Tempranillo y viñedos jóvenes de gama alta, se somete a fermentación maloláctica durante 21 días en depósitos de acero inoxidable, para posteriormente envejecerlo durante al menos 9 meses en barricas  americanas y francesas.
Presenta un color rojo rubí , con tonos violetas en capa fina.
En nariz notamos un vino muy frutal y fresco, con tonos de fruta roja, cerezas, grosellas y moras. Es un vino muy alegre. Sobresalen tonos tostados de la madera muy agradables sin tapar la fruta, tonos de tofes, cafés y vainillas. En boca catamos un vino con taninos de la madera muy bien ensamblados. Es un vino con cuerpo persistente.