Made only with Verdejo wine grapes, Palomo Cojo is a wine that complies with all the precepts to be considered a Rueda DO (Designation of Origin), the oldest in the Castile and y León region. In this unparalleled landscape, with pebbly and rocky soils, we find the Verdejo, one of the best white grapes in Spain, which has become almost synonymous with Palomo Cojo. The wines produced from Verdejo usually have a range of colours ranging from greenish to straw yellow. This is the case of Palomo Cojo, which intense aromas of fruit, with herbal nuances, largely explain its success. Palomo Cojo is the perfect pairing for salted and baked fish, risottos of wild mushrooms and asparagus, salads and sushi.


A brilliant hay color with hints of green, very fruit forward with tropical fruit up front and lemon and lime zest close in second. A dry wine with a zippy acidity brings to mind crisp apples and a well-balanced salinity. A refreshing wine that goes great with fish tacos and vegetable risotto.


Palomo Cojo is turning 10 years old and to celebrate this occasion, we have released a very special edition.

This Verdejo wine has been fermented in American, French and Hungarian 250 and 500-liter oak barrels under a controlled temperature of 25oC during 15 days, followed by a breeding of 4 months inside its own lees. The breeding inside the bottle lasted for 4 months before being issued to the market, to round out its flavor.

The color is straw yellow with greenish reflections. On the nose, it is intense. Its stone fruit stands out, together with some hints of tropical fruit such as pineapple and persimmons, very fresh notes can also be perceived such as hints of aromatic fennel herbs, freshly cut grass, floral with spaced memoires of toasted wood.

On the palate it is broad, honeyed, with a good load of fruit, a long mid palate with toasted notes and citrus zest, it also has a very good acidity and a persistent finish.

Palomo Cojo Semi-Sweet 2022 is a wine made from grapes of the Verdejo variety obtained from young vineyards, giving it a freshness that perfectly encapsulates its sweetness, which is the main protagonist of this wine.



Visual notes: Straw yellow with green undertones, clean and brilliant.
Aroma: A very expressive wine on the nose: the characteristic smells of Verdejo, the white fruits, make an appearance. However, this wine’s aroma is starred by tropical smells, like peach and mango.
Taste: A rich and mellow wine that balances the freshness of acidity with the explosions of tropical and white fruits, with a long and unctuous finish.