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Made only with Verdejo wine grapes, Palomo Cojo is a wine that complies with all the precepts to be considered a Rueda DO (Designation of Origin), the oldest in the Castile and y León region. In this unparalleled landscape, with pebbly and rocky soils, we find the Verdejo, one of the best white grapes in Spain, which has become almost synonymous with Palomo Cojo. The wines produced from Verdejo usually have a range of colours ranging from greenish to straw yellow. This is the case of Palomo Cojo, which intense aromas of fruit, with herbal nuances, largely explain its success. Palomo Cojo is the perfect pairing for salted and baked fish, risottos of wild mushrooms and asparagus, salads and sushi.


A brilliant hay color with hints of green, very fruit forward with tropical fruit up front and lemon and lime zest close in second. A dry wine with a zippy acidity brings to mind crisp apples and a well-balanced salinity. A refreshing wine that goes great with fish tacos and vegetable risotto.