The flavours of Italy come to the table hand in hand with Limoncello Rialto. And this original liquor gives a perfect end to a good meal, thanks, to a large extent, to its preparation with a careful selection of the best lemons. The Rialto Limoncello is a liquor that reminds us of the taste of the traditional. In fact, in the region of ​​Campania, where this liquor comes from, it is common to transmit, from mothers to daughters, old and dusty handwritten notebooks, where the old recipes of past generations are written down. Jealously preserved and surrounded by mystery, these notebooks contain unique secrets for preparing of the most demanding and traditional dishes.


The authentic Italian liquor is also used in baking often to flavour sweet pastries and jellies. Although similar liqueurs are produced, under similar names, Limoncello Rialto is made with an exclusive selection of the best lemons, following the tradition of this Italian liquor that excites the most demanding palates. Limoncello Rialto represents an exaltation of natural aromas. A unique, fresh and unmistakable flavour that transmits the taste of fresh lemons when consumed very cold or at room temperature.