Kiss an angel and enjoy the difference

Is it a Swiss vodka?

Our Super Premium vodka is made in Switzerland with two varieties of first class rye: Picasso and Matador. The production process of Xellent consists of a triple distillation through small and traditional copper stills, in this way we obtain a distillate of  96% pure alcohol . Then it is reduced with water taken from the TITLIS glacier, known as the mountain of the angels.

Xellent is the only vodka in the world with a double gold medal in the prestigious international contest

“San Francisco World Spirits Competition”



In the nose, Xellent Vodka offers sweet notes similar to refined sugar, and cherry memories. In the mouth has a long journey. As entrance, stands out sweet syrupy notes, slowly starts to emit new white fruits hue and specialized aromas while is opening.

Stands out the perfect sensation that generates the incorporation of alcoholic grade. The end is prolonged, pretty much long for a Vodka and leaves very pleasant sensations, remembering Ron, Whiskey or Tequila’s post taste.